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Company profile

BIM is a corporation of life sciences with its headquarter nestled in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in research, development and production of biologicals.

BIM has thoroughly certified to the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2008, developing and providing multiple products. At the current stage, it provides caliber-quality products of multiple uses and categories ranging from diverse antibodies, beta-galactosidase staining kit, biochemical reagent to reagent of molecular biology, whose services involve various fields of life sciences such as molecular biology, cytobiology and immunology.

Our corporation is vibrant with a core team composed of professional talents specializing in inspection and quarantine, life sciences as well as chemical engineering, integrating research and development, sales management, together with technical service. It has yet established a perfect system of research and development with production equipment, setting up strategic cooperation with prestigious universities, research institutes and key enterprises. We have been unceasingly dedicating to the research of life sciences and biotechnology with adherence to quality as the top priority, providing our customers with caliber-quality products and services whole-heartedly as well as constantly satisfying our customers as the objective of our development.

Our products are currently selling well throughout the globe. Universally known in the field of life sciences, BIM has been providing scientists with tools of research to accelerate their study.