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ELISA kit development

20170627143385248524.jpgFeatures of ELSIA Kit Development Services

        BIM has an advanced R&D technology platform and a professional technical team. It has accumulated rich experience in protein expression purification, antibody preparation and various immunoassays, and can provide scientific research, clinical diagnostic research and drug development. , ELISA kit development and production services for target molecules in blood or other biological samples.
       We can develop specific ELISA kits for individual needs. The protein content can be quantitatively detected by ELISA sandwich method, competition method (determination of antigen), indirect method (assay antibody) or competition method (measurement of small molecule compound).

Advantages of ELSIA kit development services

        Rich in reserve resources: nearly 30,000 antibodies covering 2200 targets; 5 major protein expression and production platforms including HEK293, CHO, E.coli, Yeast, Insect cell, and protein library with >6000 protein reserve Complete reagent formulation, enzyme labeling technology and production process. According to customer needs, we can quickly customize related products and customize kit development.

        Professional R & D platform: more than 10 years, more than 100,000 ELISA antibody development and screening experience. Successfully developed paired antibody 400+, complete kit product 150+. Has dozens of biopharmaceutical enterprise kit customization services experience.

        Professional technical support: scientific experimental design, faster and more efficient to establish a test method that meets your requirements.

        More quality: access to all types of natural samples, as well as testing experience. Comprehensive and accurate method validation of the kit.

        Convenient and fast: one-stop service, short cycle, high efficiency, saving customer time.

Process of ELSIA kit development service

Service ContentcycleDelivery content

Antibody preparation

       • Elisa kit

       • COA

• Rabbit polyclonal antibody preparation service
• Mouse monoclonal antibody preparation service
• Rabbit monoclonal antibody preparation service
Elisa kit development  6-12 weeks

 • Antibody labeling

 • Antibody pairing screening

 • Method development and optimization

 • Kit production