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Protein Custom Services


Introduction to prokaryotic expression services

        E. coli expression system is the most widely used and most economical prokaryotic protein expression system. E. coli cells have clear genetic background, high target gene expression level, short culture period, strong anti-pollution ability, easy to enlarge, and can be applied to The expression of various genera proteins is an important tool for the development of recombinant protein expression and biotechnology industrialization, especially for the production of small molecular proteins. Yishen Shenzhou has a large number of E. coli soluble protein expression and purification and protein refolding experience, with a variety of E. coli cell lines and expression vectors, to provide you with high quality prokaryotic protein expression services.

Prokaryotic expression service technology advantages

        More than 10 years of experience in prokaryotic expression

        Multiple protein purification and protein refolding techniques

        High-throughput, large-scale protein prokaryotic expression production capacity

        Provide a variety of expression vectors and E. coli cells for one-stop services from genes to purified proteins

Prokaryotic expression service content

Service steps and contentcycleDelivery content
Gene synthesis and codon optimization (optional)1-2 weeks
Vector construction1-2 weeksSequencing report

• Clone to expression vector

• Plasmid sequencing

• Large amount of plasmid preparation

Expression and purification2-3 weeks

• Feasibility report

• If the expression is feasible and there are remaining samples after QC testing, provide 3mg sample

• Transform the appropriate strain

• Affinity purification (superscript)

• Denatured renaturation (inclusion body)

• SDS-PAGE and UV analysis

Massive expression and purification (optional)2-3 weeks

• Purified protein

• SDS-PAGE report

• CoA