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Immunology testing services

Service Introduction
        BIM has established a comprehensive and complete antibody detection platform, mainly based on WB, IHC and IF detection, supplemented by diversified tests such as IP, RIP, ChIP, ChIP-seq, and CRISPR KO knockout verification, and is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and reliable. data. At present, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with many universities, hospitals and biomedical research institutions around the world. We have gathered senior immunohistochemical consultants and many immunohistochemical professionals to provide you with immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunocytochemistry (ICC). ), immunofluorescence, and other one-stop services in histomorphology, including experimental design, experimental operation, image processing, and analysis, can also undertake phased experiments. The detection indicators may be tumor markers, oncogenes and oncoproteins, cyclins, apoptotic gene proteins, cell surface antigens, and the like.
1.WB experiment principle and steps
    Western Blot (WB) is a Western blotting method in which a gel-electrophoresis-treated cell or biological tissue sample is colored by a specific antibody. Information on the expression of a particular protein in the cells or tissues analyzed by analyzing the position and depth of staining is an experimental method commonly used in molecular biology, biochemistry, and immunogenetics.
6367251957495329867335875.jpg2.IHC testing service
Immunohistochemistry (Immunohistochemistry) is an experimental technique based on the immunological antigen-antibody reaction, using physical and chemical methods to display the material composition of cell structure, and then analyzing the metabolism, function and morphological changes of cells and tissues. The method effectively combines the specificity of the antigen-antibody reaction with the high-efficiency catalysis of the enzyme, that is, the antibody is labeled with an enzyme, and the antigen is traced by the color reaction of the enzyme with the substrate, and the immunological reaction is positive after the color reaction. The product was semi-quantitatively analyzed.
63672452119724773342886844.jpg3.IP/Co-IP inspection service
    Depending on the purpose of the actual co-immunoprecipitation experiment, BIM technicians can assist customers in designing experimental protocols, constructing prokaryotic or eukaryotic expression plasmids, using tagged protein antibodies for detection, without the need to purchase or customize antibodies, and we use imported immunoprecipitation. The kit was tested, and the protein A magnetic beads have high adsorption efficiency, and our experimental success rate is over 90%.

4.ELISA test service
Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a qualitative and quantitative assay for the immunological reaction using specific binding of antibody antigens. ELISA is a classic experiment in immunology. Since its inception in the 1970s, it has developed rapidly due to its high sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility. It is widely used in many fields such as immunodiagnosis, detection and biology.