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Molecular biology Services

6367245501732829132620512.jpgMolecular biology technical service features

        Molecular biology technology has always been a powerful tool in the field of scientific research and one of the main driving forces of modern drug research. Molecular biology technology has been widely used in various fields, but the results are relatively unstable, which greatly consumes the energy and time of scientific researchers. BIM provides professional, economical and reliable molecular biology technical services, including real-time quantitative PCR analysis services. Yishen Shenzhou is committed to helping customers solve problems in scientific research, accelerate scientific research progress of scientific research personnel, and strive to do To provide the best service to customers. We sincerely hope that our professional molecular biology technology services will bring you more cost-effective and one-stop solutions for your research.

Molecular Biology Technical Service Content

    • Qualitative analysis services

    • Relative quantitative analysis services

    • Absolute Quantitative Analysis Services & Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Analysis Services

Real-time quantitative PCR service content - qualitative and quantitative gene expression analysis
    1. Qualitative analysis: detection of viruses; detection of transgenes; identification of varieties; mutation genotyping
    2. Relative quantitative analysis: reference gene and target gene expression analysis   
    3. Absolute quantitative analysis: absolute quantitative analysis of DNA (RNA); determination of transgene copy number; quantification of viruses and pathogens 
    4. Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Analysis: Human Disease Analysis; Personalized Medicine; Human Resource Management Analysis
Real-time quantitative PCR analysis service platform: SYBR Green and Taqman probe qPCR
        Quantitative real-time-PCR (qPCR) such as TaqMan and SYBR Green qPCR assays are widely used for gene expression analysis. The characteristics of the two methods are as follows:

                   SYBR Green Taqman probe

• easy to use

• lower price

• More suitable for relative qPCR

• Stronger specificity

• Multiple qPCR can be performed

• More suitable for absolute qPCR


• Less accurate

• Specificity is lower than Taqman probe method

• Multiple qPCR cannot be performed

• Higher price

• Complex operation

Real-time quantitative PCR analysis service platform advantages

        BIM provides you with SYBR Green dye method and TaqMan probe method for gene expression analysis according to your research needs. Quantitative, relative, or absolute quantitative analysis can be performed by real-time quantitative PCR

        BIM has approximately 10,000 gene plasmids with high quality and proven primer pairs for improved detection efficiency

        BIM also has a team of experienced technicians who design qPCR detection solutions and provide experimental services.
Real-time quantitative PCR analysis service description

Service ContentcycleDelivery content
SYBR Green dye 1-2 weeks

      • analysis report

      • Remaining primers

• Primer design and synthesis

• qPCR detection

• data analysis

TaqMan probe method3-5 weeks

      • analysis report

      • Remaining primers and probes

 • Primer design,  synthesis and  optimization

 • Probe design and  synthesis

 • qPCR detection

 • data analysis